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Publisher website. Series description An American popular science magazine, established in as a four-page weekly newspaper, publishing monthly from , and re-launched in The website was established in March , and a paywall introduced in April How do series work?

Series: Scientific American [Periodical] Series by cover 1—7 of next show all. Scientific American Volume 1 by William H. Third Matthews. Scientific American Magazine, Vol. Scientific American vol by Dennis Flanagan.

Scientific American, Vol. Scientific American, January Scientific American March , Vol. Scientific American March Scientific American June The Mechanization of Work by Scientific American. Scientific American. Scientific American May Volume Number 5. Scientific American vol by Jonathan Piel.

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Scientific American August Volume Number 3. Scientific American vol by John Rennie. Scientific American August Volume Number 2. Scientific American; August by Scientific American January Volume Number 1. Scientific American: February Volume , No. Scientific American April Volume Number 4. Scientific American October Volume Number 4. Scientific American, January by John Rennie.

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Scientific American, v. Scientific American October by John Rennie. Scientific American Magazine, by Scientific American. Physics and the Universe, San Paolo, May Physics of the Universe Conference, Caltech Jan Doomsday Clock Symposium, Jan Unsolved Problems in Gravity Jan Rightful Place of Science May Origins of Morality Nov Origins Science and Culture Festival April The Amazing Meeting July Ultimo Science Festival August Singularity Summit August Denkfest September Peace Bar Festival October Science Teller Festival November Doomsday Clock Symposium January Reason Rally March American Atheists National Convention March Global Atheists Convention April World Science Festival May Aspen Ideas Festival July Aspen Center for Physics July Canberra Skeptics September The Big Band and the interfaces of knowledge towards a common language October Origins of Deception October Math for America October World Economic Forum January Climate Change Workshop February Question, Explore, Discover April Sydney Writer's Festival May Oklahoma Freethought Convention June The Nobel Conference September The New Yorker Festival October Smart Festival October AFO Festival April Galapagos Voyage June BrisScience Talk August The Victorian Skeptics August September Apostacon September FreeFlow October La Ciudad de las Ideas November AFO Festival, April Skeptics Conference, May Imagine No Religion 5, June ISS, June The Non-Conference, August La Ciudad de las Ideas, November Union Theological Society, November Scientific Controversies with Janna Levin, November Devoxx Belgium, November Science and Adventure in Antarctica, December Panel, January Trondheim Science Week, March Origins of the Future, April Reason Rally, June Aspen Ideas Festival, June SciFoo , July Freedom from Religion National Convention, October Fysikdagarna Conference, October Australian Skeptics National Convention, November Star Trek: The Cruise, January ReasonCon3, April Sydney Writers Festival, May Hay Festival, May Imagine No Religion 7, Auckland Writers Festival, May Geek Picnic, June El Cosmos, September Skepsis Congress, October Ciudad de las Ideas, November Lise Meitner Days, November Origins Amazon Cruise, January Doomsday Clock Announcement, January Major Public Lectures.

Nesbitt Lecture, Carleton University, Nov ;. Hughes-Danbury Series, Feb ;. Smithsonian-Associates, Department of the Interior, Washington ;. Berkeley Feb Cincinnati Museum of Natural History March ,. Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto April Ohio Aerospace Institute, Cleveland May ;. Smithsonian Institution, Washington Aug ;. Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, Aug ;.

Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, Oct ;. University of Minnesota Nov ;. CERN, March Coast Guard Academy, April Great Lakes Science Center, May Citta della Scienzia, Napoli, June Hays Lecture, Oberlin College, Sept Cleveland Museum of Natural History Hayden Planetarium, Nov Smithsonian Insitution, Washington, Nov Commencement Address, Hiram College, May Jodrell Bank Observatory Sept Chesley Lectures, Carleton College Herzfeld Lecture, Catholic University of America, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Hendrik de Waard Lecture, Groningen, Holland, Stark Lecture, University of Arkansas Harvard Millennium Lecture,London U.

July York, United Kingdom Sept. Cleveland OH Oct John Carroll University, Nov Rochester Lecture, University of Durham, Feb Vanderbilt University, March Rorschach Lecture, Rice University, March Shell Lecture, Natl Assoc. Louis, Mar. Morgan Lecturer, Texas Christian University.

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Malstrom Lecture, Hamline University, St. Paul, Minn, April Skeptics Lecture, Caltech, May National Academy of Science, June Aspen Center for Physics, July Snowmass CO July Lawrence Centenary Lecture, U. Berkeley, July Keynote Address, Virginia Assoc. City Club, Cleveland, April Milton Lecture, Syracuse University, October City Club, Cleveland, Dec Hamilton Lecture, Princeton University, April Woods Lecture, Westminster College, May Space Place, Madison Wisconsin, August Five College Lecture, U.

Mass Amherst Oct Presidential Lecture, Clark University Nov Glicksman Lecture, Brown University, May White Dog Cafe, Philadelphia, Sept, Evolution and God Symposium, Cleveland Oct Futures Forum, Cleveland Oct Distinguished Undergraduate Lecture, U. Austin, March Benson Lecture, Miami University, March Crump Lecture, St.

Expertise. Insights. Illumination.

Andrews School, Delaware , April June 27, Conference Public Lecture, Sept 17, Louis Science Center, St. Louis, MO, Oct 8, Categorically Not! Chicago Il, Kavli Inst. Public Lecture, Nov 3, Akron Press Club, Jan 5, Colorado College, Feb 2, The City Club, Cleveland, Feb 3, Cleveland Museum of Art, Feb 25, Lower Columbia College, March 13, College of New Jersey, March 28, Wagner College, Staten Island, March 29, Kalamazoo College, Michigan, April 11, Duke University, May 23, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, July 25, Seattle Town Hall, Sept 7, Yale University, Sept 14, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft News — Intensification of agriculture and social hierarchies evolve together , 23 March, Le Scienze — Gerarchia sociale e agricoltura si sono evolute insieme , 22 March, Science Daily — Intensification of agriculture and social hierarchies evolve together , 19 March, Org — Intensification of agriculture and social hierarchies evolve together , 19 March, Sample of responses to Bouckaert et al.

Sample of responses to Saunders et al. Daily Mail — Human sacrifice played a key role in shaping ancient societies , 4 April, New Scientist — Has ritual human sacrifice shaped societies and class systems? ABC Australia — Human sacrifice may have helped build and sustain social class systems , 4 April, NZ Herald — Human sacrifice used to maintain power , 4 April, Sample of responses to Purzycki et al. ScienceNews — Rise of human civilization tied to belief in punitive gods , 10 Feb, The Conversation — How punitive, omniscient gods may have encouraged the expansion of human society , 10 Feb, New Scientist — Belief in punitive gods linked with expansion of human societies , 10 Feb,